MD Orgs. & Clubs

NCMD – information on clubs, membership, the Treasure Act, in fact everything you will need to know about both the hobby and the National Council for Metal Detecting. Includes links to “Introduction to Metal Detecting” courtesy of Treasure Hunting magazine.  Also there is a very informative article by Dr Bruce Candy offering an insight into the basic theory and electronics of metal detectors.

FID – The Federation of Independent Detectorists. If you own a metal detector, or are about to get one, then one can send for an application form  and become a member.  Some of the benefits:- Quarterly postal bulletins, keeping you up to date with all the news, your own personal identity card with your photo on it, and if you live in the United Kingdom you will also have free public liability insurance for £5,000,000.  Once you have joined, you can obtain help and information on metal detecting via the Internet, telephone or snail mail at any time. FID will accept any responsible detectorist (whether beginner or experienced) as a member, there is no waiting list. The joining fee is £5, plus an annual membership fee of £3.00.

Selected Regional Clubs