• Blog of Scott Head – Texan collector of Roman Coins.
  • Roman Provincial Coinage Online – The current site is confined to the Antonine period (AD 138–192), but it is intended that it will form a model for putting other periods online in the future.
  • Coins of Roman Egypt – a collector’s site to aid and encourage the discussion of Alexandrian coinage under the Romans
  • Roman Numismatic Gallery – also includes links to Greek, Byzantine and Celtic coins etc
  • Roman Coins in Britain – from a 12 part history of British Coinage, written by Ken Elks.
  • The Sign Language of Roman Coins -Roman coins used many different types of reverse over the 500 years or so of the Empire. There were even more during the earlier Rebublican and Imperatorial periods. These designs were usually propaganda; they made a point or displayed a message that the current Emperor wanted to put across.
  • Roman Coin Inscriptions