British and Irish Hammered

A great new site for Henry III voided long cross pennies:

A Mintmarks site

Numismatic news from Dave’s Rare Coins : specialising in Anglo-Saxon pennies, but his research encompasses the whole Anglo-Saxon, Viking, and Norman period in England.  Page 1   Page 2

Guide to Medieval English & Irish Hammered Farthings

Medieval English Hammered Farthings – Known Counterfeits

Hammered Coin – “The Site for All Hammered Coin Enthusiasts”

Wikipedia article on the History of the English Penny

Irish Hammered Coinage (~995 to ~1660)      Irish Edward Pennies

The Short Cross Penny 1180 – 1247 by Ætheling

Long Cross Pennies (1247-1279) by Rod Blunt

Edward I/II Pennies  – good info on obverse inscriptions and mint names – also see their other material on hammered coin inscriptions

And here’s an excellent site for differentiating the various types of Edward pennies

The Introduction & Development of the Groat in Medieval England by Ivan Buck             Part 1   Part 2   Part 3