Carnutes – The PIXTILOS coins

The Carnutes were one of the largest and most powerful groups of independent Gaul. Their territory occupied most of the present departments of Loiret, Loir-et-Cher and Eure-et-Loir and part of the Yvelines. Their economic center was located at Genabum (Orleans), but the main oppidum seems to have been Autricum (Chartres).  They were at the geographical center of Gaul, and long before the start of the Gallic Wars, Roman traders knew the way to Genabum (Orleans), when it was a large trading center. The Carnutes were also known for hosting an annual meeting of the Druids in their forest.

A number of different coins of the Carnutes carry the name of what was presumably one of their leaders: PIXTILOS.  The historical figure of Pixtilos is unknown except for this series of coinage. Simone Scheers wrote the definitive article on these coins (S. Scheers, “Les monnayage post-césarien des années 40-30 av. J.-C.: les monnaies a la légende PIXTILOS” in RN 1979), in which she identified 10 varieties and ascribed them to the Carnutes tribe, circa 50-30 BC. All of the types in the series show Roman influences, and reflect the good relations between the tribe and Rome during this period.

For those of you that can read French, the original Scheers article can be found here.

I am looking for better examples of each of the 10 Scheers types and will publish these in due course below as a guide to collectors. Illustrations have been found on the web; anyone holding copyright on these illustrations and not wanting them shown here then just let me know – though hopefully such persons are willing to share with the collecting community.

Class I

– Griffon Attacking

Class II                          

– Wolf & Lizard

Class III

– Hand with berries, bird

Class IV

Class V

– Seated Goddess

Class VI

– Griffon

Class VII

– Cavalier

Class VIII

– Eagle in Temple

Class IX

– Lion

Class X

– Horse and Boar



One Response to Carnutes – The PIXTILOS coins

  1. lisa says:

    I have just found a carnutes coin. It looks to be a class 10 horse and boar, but appears to say fil titius ri infront of the bust on the obverse. Can you tell us anything about this coin. Thanks Lisa.

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