Celtic – Gallic & Other Continental

The Celtic Tribes of Gaul

cgb.fr Numismatists – Celtic Coin Search

The Alfred Danicourt collection of Gallic coins – a useful museum resource – One of the foremost collection of Gallic coins in France, in the Peronne city museum, this collection is viewable online ; over 400 gold, silver, bronze and potin coins. Particularly useful if you understand some French!

Another useful source of Gallic coin info and mages is on dealer’s websites – here’s a good one from MA

A Brief Introduction to Celtic Potins of Gaul by Marc Breitsprecher

Coriosolite coins- Expert system for ID

The Senones

Senones – two distinct groups of ancient people of Gaul – One having settled in NE Italy south of the Po in the 4th cent. B.C; the other lived in the valley of the Seine, and it is the latter that we are interested in here.  In Caesar’s time they inhabited the district which now includes the French departments of Seine-et-Marne, Loiret and Yonne.  From 53–51 B.C. they were engaged in hostilities with Caesar, brought about by their expulsion of Cavarinus, whom Caesar had appointed their king . In 51 BC a Senonian named Drappes threatened the Provincia, but was captured and starved himself to death.  From this time the Gallic Senones disappear from history.
Coins of the Senones:  (i) Wildwinds (ii) Coin.Archives.com
Other References – (i) Wikipedia article (ii) Classic Encyclopedia – based on the 1911 Britannica

An interesting web item on the Pixtilos series of Carnutes coins

A useful online book: Gallia Belgica by Edith Mary Wightman


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